UK German Shepherd Dog Rescue Rehome GSDS

UK German Shepherd Dog Rescue Rehome GSDS

UK German Shepherd Dog Rescue Rehome GSDS

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Rescue Dogs that have been rehomed

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These are some of the rescue dogs we have rehomed


gary the gsd dumped at a quarry

Gary is a gorgeous boy, castrated, think he's about 5 years old was found tied up in a quarry, in a poor state. He is good natured, very friendly, Ok with other dogs. Got 2 bald patches on either side and is on antibioitics for this, he's had his ears washed out and been treated with Spot On. Very thin and will need lots of TLC to get him built up. Not been a problem at all in the kennels and will make a very loyal companion..


rex the ex yard dog

Rex has only ever known life in a yard where he was kept with a female GSD. Neighbours complained about the dogs barking so the owner was told to either get rid of them or have them put down. A home for Rex wasn't found in time so the owner contacted a vet to make an appointment to have Rex put down!! The vet surgery contacted us to see if we could help. Of course we would not allow Rex to be put down. He was very stressed and scared when he first went into kennels, but he has chilled out now. We want a nice home now for Rex where he can learn how to enjoy life and experience walks and home comforts.



This lovely girl is Tasha, a 3 year old B/T short coat, spayed, extremely friendly, would lick anyone to death. When she was a puppy she was knocked down by a car so she has a pin in the back right leg. Having said that, she can walk for miles without any bother, in fact she seems to stiffen up if not walked. Tasha is clean in the house and goes to her bed herself around 9pm, She is alright with male dogs as long as they don't go near her rear end, if they do, she just gives a bit of a growl. Has excellent recall and is generally a lovely dog looking for a home where she will be much loved.


kara long coated gsd

Kara is a 3 yr old black/tan long coat. She is spayed. She is great with children of all ages. She is ok with other dogs but does bark and lunge at them, she has been in a foster home with 3 other bitches was fine but then started to be higher in the pack.She barks at traffic and anything that is unfamiliar. We feel she would be best suited to a country home. She is fine with people not sure about cats. We have now placed her in a place that is working with her issues but she would love to find her forever home. She came originally from a breeder that had used her for pups, this is why we think she is the way she is with traffic etc. She needs a kind loving home someone who has the time and patience to help her work through this, she is a very pretty girl.



Grace is about 9 year old and was rescued from the pound. She has had a very bad burn on her back and is now having treatment for that. She is a very friendly girl and will make somebody a lovely companion. We don't know what's happened to this girl previously but she certainly deserves a loving home now, where she can be cherished.


ben the gsd

Rescued from death row. Ben is a sable older male, think he is about 6 years old but appears very fit and healthy. A friendly dog. Please don't overlook him because of his age.. 



Samson is simply stunning - although his ears don't point North, he is very handsome.  He is a 2? year old neutered male, he is fully vac'd and wormed.  Samson has a lovely temperament, was very welcoming when I went into the home and is well behaved.  The currently owner has been working on training him but unfortunately due to her health she is not able to continue.  He has lived with children but can be a bit quick in taking food, so older children may be better for him. He currently lives with an older labrador and two cats.  Unfortunately the owner has not had the confidence herself to introduce him to dogs outside the home so is not sure how he would react. He does jump up but she feels this is wanting to play rather than out of aggression.  He is living with two cats but again careful introduction as he really wants to play.  Samson was bounding around like "tigger" in the owner's garden when I tried to take some photos.  He did jump up and nip, this was purely out of excitement and not aggression and when told not to he came, layed down and calmed down.  This young lad needs a home where his training will continue and he will get plenty of exercise.


becky the GSD with floppy ears

Shy by name a little “shy” by nature. She is a lovely 3? year old black and tan bitch. She is good with children of all ages and currently lives with a baby. Shy also resides with a cocker spaniel at present and is good with other dogs when off the lead. Although she doesn’t like cats in her territory, she has stayed with other people who have had cats, with no problems. Shy is a little uneasy with strangers at first but will listen to commands and settle down. She does get a little claustrophobic and doesn’t like small places, can get a little stressed with new experiences. However, she is a dog willing to listen and is good out on a lead, bounds of energy, loves water and very inquisitive wanting to be involved in everything. She will make a lovely dog for someone willing to give her the time to come out of her shell and show her real loving nature. Apparently she loves a cuddle in bed!!!! She is up for re-homing due to an unforeseen new baby and lack of owner’s time.. 

Posh and Becks

posh and becks 2 gsd's abandoned

This is Posh and Becks, 2 gorgeous GSD's tied up and left in a field. He is big and bouncy, mouths a bit and probably 12-18mths old. She is quieter and calmer and again not that old. Not much history as they were abandoned but they both seem lovely dogs.


jake ex police dog

Jake  is 9 years young and is still active, he is an ex police dog went through the training obedience etc but failed due to his lack of aggression, he lives with an 13 yr old gsd bitch and is fine when meeting other dogs of his size or bigger but doesnt like small dogs and will chase cats, Jake is good with children from babies upwards. Jake is terrified of water so couldnt be bathed. He is looking for a new loving home because his present owner has just split from a very violent relationship and has to move where she cannot take him. Jake is vaccinated. When the volunteer went around to assess Jake he didnt even bark at her and allowed her to fuss him, he took treats from her very gently and then lay at her feet

Laika is a handsome, friendly and loving dog. He currently lives with 2 other shepherds, one male and one female, who he gets on well with. He has never been around children and definitely does not like cats. He can be nervous aggresive in new situations but is generally well behaved. He needs some lead training as he does pull. He will return on command and sit/stay too.. 



Skits is a 7 year old spayed bitch, she isn't a very big girl who loves her home comforts, she would rather stay in all day and is very wary of the outside world, she is very wary of men but loves women, Skits does not like cats and would be better in a home without children or any other pets.

Rescue German Shepherd Dogs now rehomed

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These are some of the rescue dogs we have rehomed


hugo the gsd

Hugo is  an 18 month old castrated short coated black and tan male, he is micro chipped and vaccinated, Hugo is  not good with children, he is good with other dogs but it is unknown about cats



ZEUS - Long coat black and tan. Big strong dog.  Did not bark on approach to kennel He has a habit of jumping up and latching on to arms which needs to be stopped.  He is very powerful on lead, will need a strong handler and someone who understands the breed with this kind of trait.



SAXON - Semi long coat, black and tan 10 months old came out of Birmingham Dogs Home.  Is friendly, quiet, shy but not nasty.  Has not bothered with any of the other dogs in the kennels.  Kennel staff had to go and sit in the kennel with him at first and he used to wag his tail but kept his distance, now they have no problems getting him out.  A good brush up and he will be a nice young dog for someone.  Quite strong on lead.


honey the gsd

Honey is a big  4 yr old  bitch, she is spayed but not vaccinated or chipped, Honey is good with children and cats, she does bark at other dogs when on the lead but when she has been let off she seems fine.

Pompey 5 - in kennels

pompey beautiful long caot GSD

This fabulous gentle giant has been passed around a little in the last few weeks as his owner lost his home. He now needs stability and a permanent home. Pompey is a large entire dog that needs an experienced home where they won't put too much pressure on him when they first take him home. He needs time to chill and get over the stress of the last few weeks. He is a strong bonder which needs to be managed to prvent him beocming over protective and although initally is OK with other dogs, he does get very jealous if they get attention. He would probably live OK with a dominant bitch.



Ryker is a 5 yr old gentle boy who has lived with cats, he is good with other dogs and adores children, Ryker is a very friendly boy that loves his gentle walks, he is very good on the lead. Ryker has been castrated and is tattooed, Ryker is prone to putting on weight so this needs to be managed but not with vigorous exercise, Ryker makes all the appropriate noises when people come to the door but once the door is open he is very friendly. His owners are emigrating.


gary the gsd dumped at a quarry

Gary is a gorgeous boy, castrated, think he's about 5 years old was found tied up in a quarry, in a poor state. He is good natured, very friendly, Ok with other dogs. Got 2 bald patches on either side and is on antibioitics for this, he's had his ears washed out and been treated with Spot On. Very thin and will need lots of TLC to get him built up. Not been a problem at all in the kennels and will make a very loyal companion..


ginnie lovely young female gsd

Ginnie is a 2 year old that has had a very traumatic start to her life. A previous owner took her to the vet to be put to sleep!!! She is nervous but very loving too. Her instinct is to bolt so she needs an understanding owner to help get back on track. She loves her kennel buddy Keiser and also gets on with other dogs who give her confidence. We think she would be better homed with a calm confident dog.


kayda beautiful gsd

Kayda is an 18 month old black and tan bitch. A very friendly lovely girl, volunteer played on the floor with her and took chews from her with no problems. She lives with a Bullmastiff at present and they are OK together but there is a little bit of jealousy between them over the attention they receive so perhaps she would be better re-homed as an only dog. She will make a lovely, loyal companion for somebody without young children. She is not spayed and was last in season in November. Not good with cats. 


jodie the gsd

Jodie a 7 year old spayed black and tan bitch. She is very good with children. Ok with most dogs, although she is currently lliving with 2 Huskies and is getting stressed around the bitch. Owner is reluctantly re-homing her as she is never settled and relaxed around the house.. 

Rescue German Shepherd Dogs now rehomed

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These are some of the rescue dogs we have rehomed


Phoenix the gsd

A 2-year old, black and tan short-coated bitch, not spayed. She avoids children, though has never been aggressive. Wary of strangers at first, but soon settles. Good with other dogs, but possessive with food, good with all other animals. She allows examination of her ears, teeth, etc. and is house-trained. She needs further training and would benefit from having an experienced owner, but she is good on the lead. Sister to Todd, probably better rehomed without him. Can jump, so needs a very secure garden.. 



Kai is an entire male aged about 4 good with children and other dogs. Not sure about cats. Owner took him in from neighbour who no longer wanted him and now his curcumstances have changed which means Kai is being left alone for long periods of time.



Zak has been with his family since a pup, the reason for re homing him is that they now have two young children 2yrs & 8 weeks, Zak is very boisterous and they are worried that he may snap or knock them over. So  he went to owners mother. He has never shown any aggression at all around them. Now circumstances have changed and now the grand mother has both children and Zak and can not cope. He is very clean in the house. When our volunteers went, he was fine pleased to see them. The owners were amazed how is was around the children said they had been unsure of how he would be with the youngsters.  Zak will growl if you take bones or food stuff from him he is fine with toys. OK other dogs, will chase cats



Tike is 7 years old, he is castrated and lives with another 2 dogs. Tike is looking for a new home due to change in circumstances.He loves his walks and his recall is good. He does like children but can be grumpy with younger more boistrous children. He is fine with food and toys, you can take things off him quite easily. He's a big softy and loves his cuddles. He is possessive in his territory but once introduced he is fine with people


kooga handsome black gsd

Kooga is only 13mths old. He is a beautiful, big, black entire boy who need's rehoming due to owner's poor health. His coat is in fantastic condition and he has a lovely temperament. He is fine with other dog's but, can be a little over excited. He walk's well on his lead and knows some basic commands. He is fully up to date with vaccinations, wormer, and he is de-flead. His previous owners informed us that he is fine with children of all ages, he lived with a 13yr old boy. He has however barked at volunteers 8yr old son, but we think he was just being protective. He will make a lovely loyal boy, who, will benefit from some training and a firm owner. 


Troy beautiful GSD

Troy really is a wonderful dog, very friendly and very happy. He is a very unusual sable colour and has wonderful marking's, the pictures do him no justice at all! He is very stunning looking and has a fantastic temperament to go with them Troy loves everyone, including children of pretty much all ages. He greeted our volunteer with cries of happiness. Great with kids of all ages and loves other dogs and wants to play. He does not like cats and will chase them, he will also chase sheep if given the chance. He looks rather thin, not through any kind of neglect at all. The owners said he just never seems to put any weight on. He is very strong on the lead and does pull. He knows all basic commands and is fully house trained. He is being left on his own most of the time as his owners have parted and neither of them are allowed pets in their new homes. His owner does pop back and see him as often as possible, maybe 4-5 times a day. Troy deserves so much more than this as he is fantastic dog. He really does need out as soon as possible and into a loving home.. 


ben the 6 year old

This is Ben, he is an entire male aged around 5 or 6 years old. Ben is a lovely boy, who is good with other dogs & also with cats. He likes alot of fuss & attention. Ben hasn't been exercised much, so is a little bit stiff in his back legs, however has responded well to a steroid injection. Ben has come into rescue as he lived next door to a farm, and was allowed to roam & helped himself to some fresh lamb. A lovely boy who needs a nice home.

Oscar 3

oscar long coat gsd

Oscar would be best suited to a family where he is the only dog as he doesn't get on with bitches or dogs he has lived with. As far as people are concerned he is an absolutely wonderful dog. You could open your front door to any one and he would greet them as if they were a member of the family.


cody the gsd

This is Cody, approximately 4 years old. He is housetrained & up to date with vaccinations. Cody is a lovely companion, so affectionate & loving in the house. He has lived with other dogs, and had no problems. Cody has quite a sensitive tummy, which is kept under control by following a strict diet of dried food & chicken casserole! Cody is fine with children ages 7 yrs upwards. He has never lived with cats as far as we know. Cody does need alot of work on his lead training. He tries to chase anything with wheels & is strong on the lead. With a firm, experienced owner Cody will be an amazing dog.


sabre gsd

This is Sabre, 5 yr old neutered male. Housetrained, knows some basic commands. Keen to learn. Sabre was rescued by his current owner from being tied up in a yard, regularly kicked & beaten. Because of this he does have some behavioural issues. He is a dominant dog, protective of his owner. Can be aggressive to other dogs, but if introduced carefully will live with another non-confrontational dog. Not good with cats. Well behaved on the lead, is very wary of strangers & will snap if they approach him incorrectly. He loves to play with his ball for as long as you let him! Brushed daily with no problems. Really dislikes vets- but what dog doesn't?! Sabre would be best in a home without children as he can be boisterous. With the right, experienced owner, Sabre will be a loving, loyal pet. Really worth investing some love & time in him & he will be your friend for life.

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